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Lynsey Irish on the journey from EAL course student to Leading EAL in Primary Schools course tutor

I am the EAL Co-ordinator at a Somerset primary school. Eighteen months ago I was asked to help develop and to tutor The EAL Academy’s online course Leading EAL in Primary Schools.
I am incredibly proud of this course. Having completed an online course with The EAL Academy myself I understand what a difference an online EAL course really can make if the content and tutor support is right. I believe the course helps participants acquire advanced skills and increased confidence but also enables them to identify their current strengths. The feedback is very positive:
“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed completing the course and I’ve learnt so much. I’m really excited to put new procedures into place to help support the EAL children at my school. Thank you for your support.” Bethany Atkinson, Newland St John’s CE Academy, Hull
The course is aimed at practising or aspiring EAL leads who aim to gain an improved understanding of leading EAL within a primary setting. The twelve hour course focuses on a starter unit followed by four presentations:

welcoming a bilingual learner
celebrating diversity
encouraging use of the first languag
being the EAL lead.

The course gives the opportunity to engage with myself and other learners in the online discussion forum. This is the ideal place to share tried and tested strategies, new ideas and initiatives and your own thoughts and feelings towards course content. Through this valuable tool you are exposed to new ideas, perceptions and knowledge that you may not have considered previously. I also hope the forum enhances your creativity which is something that never stops evolving as a teacher. Let the forum feed your creativity by finding out other learners’ approaches, techniques and practice.
When you complete the course you will have a broad and very practical knowledge of the way to lead EAL within the primary school.
As a course tutor I enjoy working with many different practitioners from a variety of settings, being here to help them, share my passion for EAL and ensure they have the best possible experience as a participant with The EAL Academy.

Lynsey Irish has been the EAL Co-ordinator at Eastover Community Primary School in Bridgwater for twelve years.

<<You can see Lynsey talking about EAL on our YouTube channel.

EAL in primary

Leading EAL in primary schools

This course aims to develop the leadership of EAL in primary schools where there are increasing numbers of pupils learning English as an additional language. Focusing on a whole school approach, the course provides guidance on how to plan and prioritise provision for a range of EAL learners.

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