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My pupils write reasonably in English, but it is obvious they don’t understand how academic English works. What do I do?

The road to academic literacy
According to the DfE, 61% of EAL learners in English state schools are recorded as D/E - Competent

DfE (2020) English proficiency of pupils with English as an additional language

How can we help?

Whether you are just getting started with your EAL strategy or have an established approach which just needs some tweaks, we can help.

From our popular EAL Handbook and online courses, to our bespoke training and consultancy, we have the experience and tools to help. We regularly provide whole school training on this very issue.

"The impact was immediate and tangible: for weeks afterwards staff were telling me how delighted their students were to learn how easily they could make their writing more formal by turning verbs into abstract nouns and that they knew the name for this process: nominalisation."

Online courses

Leading EAL in primary schools

Leading EAL in secondary schools

EAL in an international school context


EAL Handbook

Our EAL Handbook features a section on developing academic language and we regularly provide whole school training on this issue.
EAL resources

The handbook includes:
Teaching more advanced learners of English
– Developing the skills of more experienced learners of EAL
– Building and securing vocabulary
– Suggestions for listening activities
– Suggestions for speaking activities
– Suggestions for reading activities
– Suggestions for writing activities

GOLD EAL Quality Mark for bilingual school in France

Congratulations to the International Section of the Lycée and Collège Saint Anne in Brest (France), where students are taught in both English and French.

EAL in bilingual schools

Free resources

Visit our free downloads library to access these resources

How to write History the way that historians do

Useful verbs for historical analysis

Example History and Geography resources

Looking for a university accredited EAL course ?

A six month, part time course accredited by the University of Greenwich. Unit options include ‘Assessment & tracking’, ‘Advanced EAL learners’, ‘EAL in an international school context’ and ‘Plurilingualism’.



Our consultancy work is grounded in a deep understanding of what makes a school tick in a multicultural setting, rigorous analysis of data, and a thoughtful appreciation of the context…



Our training takes many different forms, all firmly rooted in whole school development, empowering teachers and leaders to effect change throughout the school…



As a support to our consultancy and training work, we have a developed a number of resources for teaching staff and schools, available for purchase or to download for free…

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