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What do I do with a new arrival in my classroom who doesn’t understand anything I say in English?

Creating a successful welcome process for EAL pupils in a primary school
According to the DfE, 6% of EAL learners in English state schools are recorded as A - New to English

DfE (2020) English proficiency of pupils with English as an additional language

Hear first hand how other schools successfully support new arrivals...

Welcoming international arrivals in a secondary school
How new arrivals can be successfully supported by other EAL pupils

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Whether you are just getting started with your EAL strategy or have an established approach which just needs some tweaks, we can help.

From our popular EAL Handbook and online courses, to our bespoke training and consultancy, we have the experience and tools to help.

"The series of courses, as well as the in-house tailored support have enabled our Academy to critically review its practice and processes to such an extent that we are now in a much stronger position to receive new arrivals, monitor and track their progress as well as support teaching and learning across the curriculum. Thank you!"

Online courses


Leading EAL in secondary schools


Leading EAL in primary schools


EAL for Teaching Assistants

EAL beginners in the classroom


Early years and diversity

EAL Handbook

Our EAL Handbook contains plenty of helpful information and tools to welcome newly arrived pupils and their families.
EAL resources

Admission and induction 
– Welcoming parents 
– The admission meeting 
– Setting up a ‘buddy’ system 
– Demonstrating good practice with buddies 
– Conditions for learning for newly arrived learners of EAL 
– Induction programmes 

New arrivals at different phases of education 
– The early years 
– Language development in the early years 
– Key stages 1 and 2 
– Non-literate new arrivals 
– Speaking and listening with Year Two pupils 
– Key stages 3 and 4 
– Building vocabulary, developing concepts 
– Pupils arriving in Year 11 

Free resources

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Free EAL resources

Buddy booklet

Admission meeting guide for new arrivals

Strategies for different types of newly arrived pupils

Conditions for learning for newly arrived learners of EAL

Questions to ask parents of a new arrival

Looking for a university accredited EAL course ?

A six month, part time course accredited by the University of Greenwich. Units include ‘EAL beginners in the classroom’ and ‘Refugees and new arrivals’.



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